We represent our company’s unique array of beliefs and values ​​that characterize our company and represent its cultural characteristics;

Working as a team by adhering to scientific and ethical rules. We are constantly keeping an eye on all the food safety steps in the dynamic structure of life, with our strong infrastructure and technology that we assure our sustainability through various management and investment principles, and with the awareness that world conditions change at any time.

With all of our units, we quickly and accurately perceive the needs of our customers and our internal and external customers, and are in an agile, proactive and innovative approach to meeting their changing expectations for a better life. We respect social, political and cultural values ​​in every geographical area we operate and act lawfully and in accordance with the rules of business ethics and transparent. We attach great importance to honesty, open communication and justice.

To provide the best service in the fastest way in this area. To adopt innovations fast, accurately and effectively by adopting the guidance of science. To support the formation of common mind in our laboratory and our sector in a multi-faceted manner to be immediately informed about the current problems of the food industry, constantly questioning the situation and producing scientific solutions by learning all kinds of details.