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Barico Blue Curacao Flavored Syrup

Barico Blue Curaçao Flavored Syrup – a vibrant and exotic infusion that captures the essence of the classic blue liqueur,

Barico Passion Fruit Flavored Syrup

Barico Passion Fruit Flavored Syrup – a tropical symphony of sweet and tangy perfection to elevate your culinary creations. Meticulously crafted, this syrup captures the exotic essence of passion fruit, bringing a burst of fruity vibrancy to your favorite dishes and beverages.
Volume 1 Liter
Net Weight 1315 gr.
Gross Weight 1998 gr.
Pieces / carton 6
Carton / Pallet 100
Carton / 20 ft 1000
Carton / 40 ft 2100
Shelf Life 3 years
Languages English, Turkish, Arabic