La Salvaje Self Made Cold Brew



Coldbrew coffee beans skillfully blended for creating the taste and texture peculiar
to carefully selected 100% Arabica beans are brewed on cool water for 12 hours. La
Salvaje cold brew coffee mesmerizes coffee lovers with its intense coffee taste and
soft flavors. Acidic refreshing tastes blended with flowery tastes of Ethiopia and ripe
fruits of Colombia will make you feel the full taste for a long time through high-quality
Guatemala coffee beans.
We bring our Cold Brew coffee, trend good of the sector, we prepare through 12-hours
long cold brewing method, into retail sector with our “La Salvaje” brand in 250 ml glass
bottles by providing long shelf-life by pasteurization process without using any additive
or colorant.
We also present Espresso, Filter Coffee and Single Pack Cold Brew Coffee products to
the market through the same brand.