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Brooklyn Simmons



Inovex Foods  was opened in 2018 as a group company, having a mission of marketing our innovative, well designed and top quality products globally which are produced under the umbrella of our group.  Together with the group’s  more than 15 years experience in “Coffee” business,.  “Inovex foods” is focused on basically  producing mainly Coffee based products such as RTD flavored coffee’s, flavored syrups, sauces, fruit beverage mixes, beverage, frappe powders, milkshake’s, plant based milk product lines that has proven their impact on the international markets currently being distributed. Together with our customer oriented and satisfaction focused value strategy, our main focus is taking our customers “one step up” inside the hard competition circumstances with our innovative, trendy, strong and affordable products.

Misson & Vision

Our mission is to understand the needs and expectations of our customers in the best way and to provide them with the most appropriate solution and value by offering alternative delivery channels with wide range of products and services in the fastest and most effective way to all segments of society and to be in the world standards in the awareness of ethical values ​​and social responsibility, sustainable quality and efficient operation. Customer satisfaction is superior to anything else to be a company. Inovex Foods believes that the essential investment is in satisfying customers.

It is our primary goal to create differences and respond to our customers’ demands with our quality and stability. We always aim to develop technical knowledge skills by following innovations in technology that keeps customer satisfaction always on the front line and constantly developing and changing. We know that as a sacred duty from the day we are established to be beneficial to our economy and without sacrificing quality standards in the way of being the best in the sector, we are moving forward confidently in order to get the position.